100% seriously clean.
Together with our friends at A&B Laundry Services, we make quality and pristine cleanliness our utmost priority!
We strive to deliver your clothes thoroughly clean and odour-free. Our outfits maintain their fresh, exemplary state via a comprehensive 8-step cleaning and inspection routine!
If you’re unhappy with the condition in which your piece has arrived for any reason at all, let us know via our chat in-app! We provide a money-back guarantee on any piece with odour or removable stains.
Tailored to fit
Find bra strap fasteners and tiny neckline hooks sewed onto the insides of our dresses so you can choose to use them to help your clothes fit better. Most lengths have been altered to suit someone 155-165 cm tall.
Multiple quality checks
Our seamstresses take care of repairs, right down to every last sequin and seam. All items go through several rigorous rounds of quality checks to ensure outfits are in like-new condition.
Freshly pressed
Your clothes will arrive dry cleaned, freshly pressed and ready to wear! Some of the fabrics may be slightly more delicate and hence may crease more than others. They can be pressed again on low heat.